Hello world!

Welcome to Monday Math Message.  I’ll be updating each, ummm, Monday.  This is the second year I’ve shared a math message, each Monday of the school year, with teachers in my district.  Many of them have told me that they share my Monday Math Messages with other people.  So,here it is – a Monday Math Message for the masses. Check back each Monday for a new message (about math).  The Monday Math Message is written by Dawn Dibley, a math trainer from Rosemount, Minnesota.

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I am so excited about your site. I have a site for parents to learn a version of what we are expecting our teachers to teach students. I feel strongly that bringing parents into our loop will make a difference. Please see my site: http://www.math-games-and-activities-at-home.com. I am hoping that teachers can help point parents to my site for a clear understanding of how they can help their children in math. I tell people I want to start the “Math Revolution”.
    About me: Dacia Myhre is a National Board Certified Elementary Teacher, Homeschool Coordinator, Instructional Coach, Business Owner, and Mother of 4.

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