10 More 10 Less

The “10 More 10 Less” sheet at this site can be used many different ways, depending on the needs of your students.

  • Some students might just need to work on reading 2 –digit numerals.
  • Some students might need to count by 1’s to figure out 10 more or 10 less.  This is great for working on Forward and Backward Number Word Sequences.
  • Some students might use a 100’s chart – it will be interesting to see if they count by 1’s or if they know how to find 10 more and 10 less on the 100’s chart.
  • Some students will benefit from building the number with popsicle sticks, place value pieces, 10 frames, 10 strips, 100 bead string, etc., and then seeing what 10 more and 10 less look like.
  • Some students can make the numerals with place value/arrow cards and see how it looks to make a numeral that is 10 more or 10 less.
  • You might want to make more numeral cards.  Students can make more cards and practice writing their numerals.

Do you have other ideas for using this sheet and involving students with different skills and needs?


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