Math Rack (Rekenrek)

Last week I attended the National Math Recovery Conference.  One of the sessions I attended was on using Math Racks (Rekenrek).  Along with giving us good information on using Math Racks, she shared information on on using Number Paths ( like a numeral roll or numeral track) vs. Number Lines.  The research she sites indicates that K/1 students will do better with a Number Path.
Here are some suggestions for using a  Number Path:

  • Work on saying the numbers forward and backward.  Cover up a range of numbers to see if students can say the sequence without seeing it.
  • Work on 1:1 correspondence by having students put a small object on each numeral
  • Give each student a path and play a game where students roll the die and race to be the first one to get to 20.  When students roll the die, can they predict which number they will land on.
  • You can also race backward, from 20 – 1

The presenter has more information and free downloads, including a Number Path at her website

2 thoughts on “Math Rack (Rekenrek)

  1. Thanks for the great comments about the session. I like your suggestions for activities when using the Number Path!

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