Literacy and Math – Using Leveled Books

Here are some ideas for integrating math and literacy using leveled books

Look at the page numbers –

  • Can students identify the page numbers?
  • Can they say what number will be on the page before/after a page they are looking at?

Open the book to a page and ask the student to find another page.  

  • Do they know which way to turn the pages to look for the new page?

Is there anything in the illustration that students can count?

  • How many will there be if there is one more?  One less?
  • If there are 3 but you want 5, how many more will you need?

Ask students to count the words on the page.

  • Where is the first word?  Where is the last word?
  • What is the word before ______?  What is the word after ______?

Use the book as a context for writing a word problem. Use words and situations from the book.

All of these ideas can be done during math or literacy time to connect math and literacy instruction.


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