Math Rack (Rekenrek) revisited

I’ve written about Math Racks before  I recently found some prompts that will guide you in using the Math Racks  You will also find information on why the Rekenrek was developed, ideas for activities, and Rekenrek flash cards.  It’s a great resource – check it out!


Math Read Alouds

Marilyn Burns (math education guru) has a new product called “Math Reads.”  You can see what books are included and the topics they cover here Click on the Grade Levels on the left side of the page to see the books for each grade.  You may already have some of these books in your classroom or school library.  The books are published by Scholastic so you can look for them in book orders or at your next book fair.
Books can be used to-
  • introduce a new topic
  • provide and context or visual model for an abstract concept or problem solving
  • deepen understanding
  • reinforce previously taught topics.

One of the books on the first grade list is Two of Everything.  You can find a task card to go with the book here  Explore this site to find more math task cards to go with children’s books.

Geometry Vocabulary

Do you or your students need a vocabulary review?  Here are two videos featured on the Bridges Blog

“The Polygon Movie” features 3rd grade students talking about different polygons

“Know Your Quadrilaterals” is a song/video that shows how different quadrilaterals are related

Scroll down this page for more visuals about 2-dimensional shapes.

Quick Math

Here is one of my recent Pinterest finds

As you can see it is a versatile activity that can be used to work on a variety of skills. Students can play on a dry erase board or you can use cards so students remove cards instead of erasing problem. One student calls out an answer while another erases the problem.  You could play this same game with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. One student calls out the answer while another takes the card away.  This will also work for numeral recognition.  One person says the numeral and other person erases.  Combinations to 5, 10, 20, or 100?  One person says a number and the other person erases the number that will make the target number.

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