Equitable Classroom Practices/Culturally Responsive Teaching

Item 10 on the list of Equitable Classroom Practices from Montgomery County, Maryland is “Uses class-building and team building activities to promote peer support for academic achievement.  Here are some activities from Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 year-olds by Wright, Stanger, Stafford, and Martland.
Page 41 – Stand in Line – Give each child one card from a set of cards.  Select the numeral range to fit the needs of your class.  Ask a child to come up front and hold up their card so the rest of the class can see it.  The children must look at their card and decide who has the number before or after the number displayed.  Continue until all the children are in the line.  There are several ways to adapt this activity.  You can always start with the child with the lowest or highest number, if you want to focus on number after or number before.  You can also limit the sequence to 3 or 4 children and have the rest of the class read the sequence forward and backward.  Another option is to give everyone a number and see if they can arrange themselves in the correct order.

Page 57 – On the Mat – Have several mats or hula hoops on the floor.  Children walk around until you give a signal.  When they hear the signal, children move to the nearest math or hula hoop.  Each group counts to determine how many people are in their group.  When they have determined the number, each person in the group holds up the correct number of fingers to show how many people are in the group. I know that many of you have small groups.  Perhaps you can have the students carry objects that can be counted.

Using 5-, 10-, 20-Frames – Give each child a frame.
Children can find a partner who has the matching frame
Children can find a partner who has the frame that goes with their frame to make the target number (5, 10, 20)
This activity can also be done with numerals, for students who don’t need to use frames anymore.
After children find their partner you can have them answer a question with their partner (What did you have for breakfast?  What is your favorite sport?)  Collect and redistribute the cards to have students find a new partner.

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