Forward Number Word Sequences

During the month of January,  I am suggesting that teachers dedicate some time each day to work on Forward Number Word Sequences.  Teachers will give the first two tasks from the Number Words and Numerals, Add+Vantage Math Recovery Assessment.  If you haven’t taken Add+Vantage Math Recovery, you can find assessments tasks in the book Teaching Number in the Classroom After you have selected a verbal sequence that your students need to work on, devote 2 – 3 minutes a day working on the targeted sequences.

Teaching Ideas

  • Put the number word sequence up near the sink.  Have students say the sequence forward and backward as they wash their hands.  You can put up different sequences for each student.
  • Use waiting time to practice sequences –
    • Teacher says 3 numbers of the sequence and the student(s) repeat them
    • Alternate saying numbers of the sequence (The teacher says 1 – 3 numbers and the students say the next 1-3 numbers)
    • The teacher says 3 – 4 numbers in the sequence and the student says the next number
  • Here’s a video for counting by 5’s
  • And a video for counting to 100
I will be suggesting more teaching ideas during the month of January.

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