I found these great spinners through Pinterest http://bookishways.blogspot.com/2013/04/monday-math-freebie-spinners-galore.html

What can you do with all these spinners?

My first idea is Spinner War (or Spinner Battle, or Spinner Compare, or Spinner Top It).  This will work for all the spinners except the Pattern Block Spinners.  Each student will have their own spinner.  They each spin and the person with the larger (or smaller, you decide) quantity takes a chip.  After 10 (15, 20) rounds, see who has the most chips.  Use empty 10-frames for students to collect and organize their chips.

Use the Pattern Block Spinners to spin and collect 10 (15, 20) pattern blocks.  Use the blocks you have collected to make a graph. Talk about more, less, how many more, how many less, how many trapezoids and triangles, etc.

More ideas next week.  Happy spinning!


One thought on “Spinners!

  1. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for posting this. I’ve visited here a few times after you’ve posted on the Guided Math group.
    One idea I had was for students to use the 1-10 spinner and base-10 spinner together. Students could spin each and begin to build a two- or three-digit number. Then they could compare with their partner and determine greater than, less than or equal.
    I also think students could use the fraction spinners to build wholes (say three squares). Whoever filled three first would win.
    Thanks again for sharing the spinners with your readers.
    Tricia – Bookish Ways in Math and Science

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