Count Around

I learned a new version of “Count Around” at the Math Recovery Conference last week.  (The original version is in Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 year-olds, the Purple Book.)
For the new version, you need numeral cards from the range of numbers you are covering in your Number Word Sequence. For example, if you are having your students practice the Backward Number Word Sequence from 20 to 10, you will have cards with numbers between 20 and 11 face down in the middle of the circle.  Students can be sitting or standing in a circle.  The first student draws a card for the starting number and the students say the sequence around the circle, each child saying the next number in the sequence.  The child who says the target number (in this case 10), draws the next card and the sequence begins again with the new starting number.  You can make the activity longer or shorter by changing the length of the sequence and the number of numeral cards you have in the middle of the circle.  Thanks to the teachers from Oak Lawn, IL for sharing this game.

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