I’m attaching an abstract I found on the effects of subitizing (Subitizing, coined in 1949 by E.L. Kaufman et al. refers to the rapid, accurate, and confident judgments of number performed for small amounts
Here’s a VERY brief summary of the Abstract-
  1. Children with difficulty in mathematics also have difficulty subitizing
  2. The ability to subitize can be improved, with practice
  3. Basic arithmetic operations also improve when children improve their ability to subitize
If you want to read the full study, it’s here
My Monday Math Message for today is spend time subitizing!  There are YouTube videos and PowerPoints but the easiest way is to just have cards to flash (show quickly).
Here’s a quick list of ways to organize items to help students subitize
  • Regular Dice/Domino Patterns
  • Fingers
  • Irregular Dot Patterns
  • 5-Frames
  • 10-Frames
  • 20-Frames
  • Math Racks
Have some cards ready and you can practice subitizing while you are waiting for everyone to arrive, or when you finish an activity and it’s not quite time to go.  Subitizing is a great time filler.

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