A Dice Game

Here’s a dice game from an article I read recently (“Developing Quantitative Mental Imagery,” Thomas, Jonathan N.; Tabor, Pamela D. in Teaching Children Mathematics).
Each child gets a single, six-sided, dot die, or you can pass one die from child to child.  The teacher rolls two dice, says the total and then covers the dice.  Each child rolls their die and says the sum of their die plus the teacher’s dice.  The student with the largest sum wins the round.
Have students share their strategies – are they counting by 1’s, using doubles, making 10, using known facts…?
  • The teacher just rolls one die
  • The student die just has 1, 2, or 3 dots on it
More Challenging?
  • The teacher rolls 3 dice
  • The students roll a numeral die instead of a dot die

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