Free Apps

MLC Apps

The Math Learning Center, publisher of Bridges in Mathematics has been developing free apps that you can use on a tablet or on your computer (projector and SmartBoard). All of the apps are available here

They have some helpful videos that demonstrate how to use the apps.  Videos for the Number Line, Number Pieces, and Geoboard apps are here


Make a Ten

I know that many of you are working with students on how to compose and decompose numbers (structuring).  The next step is to help them see how they can use that skill in solving problems. These cards from the Math Coach’s Corner, help students think about two things –  What number do they need to make 10 and how can they break apart the second number to make 10?  Many of your students will need tools such as a math rack, 10-frames, or unifix cubes to help them see the combinations and ways to break the numbers apart.  If your students are counting by 1’s to solve these problems, go back to using the visual models.

Subitize (again)

I know I’m late but it’s not too late for you to make a New Year’s Resolution.  Spend time each day having students subitize.

Here’s why you should consider it –

  • Everyone can improve their ability to Subitize and the ability to Subitize is correlated to improved computation skills.
  • It’s something you can do quickly – you can accomplish a lot in just a minute or two.
  • It’s something that will benefit every student.  You can have students subitize dot patterns (like the ones attached)  finder patterns,  5-, 10-, 20-frames, even up to 100.

The Math Coach has a great post about subitizing

You can get some dot cards for subitizing here