Topmarks Website

I’m rediscovering a great website.  It’s full of interactive resources for different topics and grade levels for use with computers, interactive whiteboards, and some of the activities will work on tablets.

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There’s lots to explore here!



Websites for Fractions

Interactive games and activities for working on fractions

Various levels:

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Choose the largest fraction – Fractions Dolphin Racing Game

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Design a flag using the designated fractions for each color

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A series of lessons on fractions

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Ordering Fractions

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Fractions on a number line and reducing fractions – Fraction Monkeys

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Visualizing Fractions

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Shamrock Number Sequences

I found a free Shamrock Worksheet on Teachers Pay Teachers .  It’s useful for working on Number Sequences in the teens and it gave me an idea for using shamrock cutouts to work on other sequences.  You can see my idea by watching a short video here –