Here is an activity that will work with a variety of abilities and covers many skills and concepts.  

I found the idea here

Basically you have a “Guessing Jar,” you might want to consider a more mathematical term, “Estimation Jar,” that you fill with objects. Each student estimates how many objects are in the jar and writes their estimation on a piece of paper (writing numerals).  Line up the estimates in order from least to greatest (number sequence). Then count the items in the jar, using 10- frames to organize the items (counting, structuring, place value).  Repeat another day with different objects.  You can extend the activity by asking questions such as, “What if the jar was only half full? What if we had two jars? What if the jar was twice as big?” Also, if you do the activity more than once, you can ask, “Will there be more or less than last time?”

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